Trunk Sale August 6

The Episcopal Church Women of St. Alban’s are having a TRUNK SALE on Saturday, August 6th from 10 am to 2 pm.

Save the date to stop by and shop!

If you have items to donate, here’s how it works….

Gather your sale items. We’re requesting no clothing please. Also no electronics, mattresses, tires or other items that cannot be donated to St. Vinny’s at the end of the sale. Price them, and pack into your car.

Come early (8:30ish) to park your vehicle in the church parking lot.

Display your ‘wares’ in your open trunk, on nearby folding tables, or blankets near your car. Bring along your coffee and a folding chair, then sit back and wait for the shoppers to arrive!

All sales will benefit ECW. The items will be purchased at a table at the parking lot entrance where Dolores & her team will pack /bag items and collect payments. A little effort from each of us can make this an easy-going fundraiser for ECW.

We will have a sign-up on the bulletin board so we can plan our sale. Please join in!

This will take the place of our “Attic (2nd Time Around) Treasures” where we have previously sold such items at our November Bazaar. We are hoping that a summer sale will allow the Bazaar committee to focus on the other highlights of our holiday event.