Change in Worship


Because of the surge in positive cases of COVID-19 and low availability of hospital rooms, as of 25th August 2021, there will be no in-person services until further notice.

Meanwhile, starting on 5th September, our services will resume live streaming on our Facebook page at 9:30 am.

Morning prayer will continue to be streamed live on Wednesdays at 10:00 am on Facebook.

Should you have questions or need to reach me, please call or email the church office at 541 967-7051 / Messages are checked at least twice weekly.

We look forward to meeting together in person again soon.

Blessing for your health and wellness!

Father Bob

Changes to Worship due to COVID-19

In line with state efforts to reduce the spread of this virus, Bishop Michael Hanley of the Diocese of Oregon has asked that all public Sunday worship services be cancelled through the end of March. St. Alban’s is also cancelling all weekday worship services and activities.

St. Alban’s will remain open most weekday mornings from 9am – noon in case individuals need a place to pray, talk with Father Bob, or worship on their own while practicing social distancing. Our goal is to stay healthy!

St. Alban’s is hoping to hold online worship services in the near future. Watch for information here.

From Father Bob: I would like to take this opportunity to thank all those whose volunteer work enhances our spiritual life. These individuals and groups will be able to take a well-earned break – lectors, eucharistic ministers, acolytes, torch bearers, altar guild, choir, and coffee hours hosts. Thank you all again!

Below please see the bishop’s letter dated 13 March:

Dear People of God:

Following discussions this day with several diocesan clergy and others, I am directing all Episcopal Churches in the Diocese of Oregon, beginning on March 22, to discontinue all public Sunday services for the remainder of the month.

I also ask that you take other measures you deem necessary to safeguard the people in the church, keeping in mind the request to practice social distancing. This may include closing the church during the week as well and canceling midweek services.

As I continue to monitor the situation with the COVID-19 virus, watching for signals from national, state, and local officials and listening carefully to my sister and brother bishops in neighboring dioceses, it has become apparent to me that we must do all in our power to slow the progress of the spread of this virus. It is in that spirit that I make this directive.

Many congregations here in Oregon and across the country are already making the decision to close for a limited period of time and I invite you to consider this a Lenten fast from the practice of regular Sunday attendance at worship. I hope that you will watch for news from your local congregation about ways the leadership is working to keep us in touch with each other during this period of time.

As these weeks unfold we will see if this directive needs to be extended for additional time. We are a resurrection people and Easter is coming. Let us continue to walk the way of the cross, the way of Jesus, and to pray for the safety of those most vulnerable.

You remain in my prayers,

Bishop Michael Hanley Episcopal Diocese of Oregon

Advent Season!

We look forward to seeing you soon!

Please join us as we worship this Christmas season. Advent begins Sunday, December 1st. What a wonderful time of the year!

All Advent Sunday services begin @ 9:30 am through December 22nd and include the lighting of the Advent wreath and the placing of symbols of our faith on our Jesse Tree.

On Sunday the 1st we will have Lessons, Poetry and Hymns in the evening starting at 7:00 pm. This is a perfect opportunity to invite your friends and family to join with us.

Weekly Advent classes will help us celebrate and appreciate the gift of our Savior. Tuesday evenings at 6:30 pm and Wednesday mornings at 10:00 am this month.

Our Christmas Eve service will include beautiful prelude music and congregational hymns at 7:30 pm, with the service following at 8:00 pm.

On Christmas Day at 9:30 am, we will worship with Christmas hymns and the Holy Eucharist as we celebrate the Holy birth.

St Francis Day Pet Blessings – October 6th!

Francis was an Italian monk who, in the 13th century, called on church and society to live a more simple life and to care for those who are hungry and need shelter. His vision was a world in which God’s beauty and compassion is demonstrated in how humans interact with one another, with animals around them, and with the earth itself.

The celebration of the life and ministry of St. Francis reminds us of our God-given responsibility to be stewards of all creation.

Every Autumn, we invite members of the community to join us in asking God’s blessings on pets and their friends, including creatures which are threatened or close to extinction. The brief service includes scripture readings and prayers in addition to the individual blessing of all present.

The 2019 pet blessing will be Sunday, October 6 at 12:30 pm. All are welcome to attend, with or without an animal!

Please note: Animals should be leashed or suitably restrained for the comfort of all.

Holy Week is just around the corner!

St. Alban’s has a full week of services during Holy Week, starting with Palm Sunday on the 14th at 9:30am! We start in the Parish Hall. Everyone is welcome and we look forward to meeting you!
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Advent and Christmas Services

Merry Christmas!

We have great services this Christmas, starting with Advent which leads us to our Christmas Eve and Christmas Day Services.

All Advent Sunday services begin @ 9:30am and include the lighting of the Advent wreath and the placing of symbols on our Jesse Tree. On Sunday the 9th we have Lessons, Poetry and Hymns along with the Holy Eucharist.

Our Christmas Eve service includes beautiful prelude music along with congregational hymns @ 10:30pm, the service starts at 11:00pm on the evening of December 24th.

Christmas Day service, on December 25th, begins at 9:30am and includes the Holy Eucharist and wonderful Christmas hymns!

We look forward to seeing you soon!

Coming events…

We celebrate the Feast of St. Alban every year on the Sunday closest to June 22. Please join us June 24 for a picnic after the liturgy!

In July on the Sunday closest to Independence Day, we have a special liturgy incorporating readings from historic writings of the United States, and the celebration of Holy Eucharist. Please join us July 8 at 9:30 am.

Hill Street Construction

Although there is a lot of construction around the church, we are still having services and we have plenty of parking in the back of the church. Please don’t hesitate to come to our Sunday Services at 9:30am, we would love to have you!

Celebrate Holy Week at St. Albans!

St. Alban’s has a full week of services during Holy Week, starting with Palm Sunday! Everyone is welcome and we look forward to meeting you!


Sunday March 25th, Palm Sunday, 9:30am Liturgy with Procession                      (beginning in the Parish Hall)

Monday March 26th, Morning Prayer, 10:00am

Tuesday March 27th, Morning Prayer, 10:00am and Seder Dinner, 6:00pm              (Please call the office for reservations.)

Wednesday March 28th, Morning Prayer, 10:00am and Office of Tenebrae, 7:00pm

Thursday March 29th, Morning Prayer, 10:00am, Maundy Thursday Liturgy, 7:00pm         (Watch before the Altar of Repose: continues until 7:00pm Friday.)

Friday March 30th, Morning Prayer, 10:00am, Stations of the Cross, 12:10pm and Liturgy for Good Friday and Mass of the Pre-Sanctified, 7:00pm

Saturday March 31st, Liturgy for Holy Saturday, 10:00am and Great Vigil of Easter, 7:00pm

(Brief explanations of Services listed below.)

Sunday April 1st, The Sunday of the Resurrection! Service @ 9:30am

Service explanations:

Palm Sunday

The Sunday before Easter, when the triumphal entry of Jesus into Jerusalem is celebrated in many Christian churches by processions in which palm fronds are carried.

Seder Dinner

The ritual meal which commemorates the events of the Exodus is called the Seder. The primary aim of the Seder is to transmit to future generations the story of the Exodus, the central event in Jewish history. Ideally, a family gathers around a table in its own home to celebrate the Seder, sharing in a meal which symbolizes their consciousness as a people and their faith in the future. The Exodus story pertains to all persons, since it tells of the right of all persons to be free.

Office of Tenebrae

This service anticipates the church’s ancient prayers for the last three days of Holy Week. Tenebrae means “shadows” and refers to the gradual extinguishing of candles and lights as the service proceeds, until only one candle remains.

Maundy Thursday

Is the Christian holy day falling on the Thursday before Easter. It commemorates the Last Supper of Jesus Christ with the Apostles as described in the Canonical gospels, and gives us the warrant for all of our celebrations of Holy Communion.

Watch of the altar of repose:

After the Maundy Thursday service during Holy Week, the pre-sanctified Bread and Wine are processed into the Chapel. During the all-night vigil, parishioners are invited to sit, to meditate, pray and read at any time from the close of the Thursday Liturgy till the beginning of the Good Friday evening Liturgy.